Service overview

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Professionals fly ZLIN!

Safe and joyful flying will be ensured by fully authorized servicing and ZLIN support. You can fully rely on the quality of our certified service. In the case of any trouble, our colleagues, professionals from the ZLIN Service Assistance mobile unit, will be happy to take care of you by providing advice, support and assistance.


Original ZLIN Service is included in our aircrafts. You are getting original service without compromise for you and your aircraft.

Complex activity of Original ZLIN Service is regularly checked few times a year by authorised audits of independent certified organizations.

Registration in our client zone allows access to: service bulletins, service letters, online safe-life monitoring (AMU), spare parts, service and training inquiries.



  • regular inspections
  • aircraft repairs, including components
  • wing replacement, including the installation of an AMU accelerometer to evaluate the safe-life of the aircraft
  • ELT ME 406 transponder installation
  • COMM / NAV systems upgrading, including installations and testing measurements
  • complete renovation of aircraft surface coatings
  • complete renovation of interiors
  • aviation instruments testing laboratory
  • non-destructive defectoscopy inspections of individual aircraft parts
  • maintenance system recommendations in compliance with valid service bulletins
  • prolongation checks




ZLIN AIRCRAFT’s OEM parts are a professional and safe solution that works perfectly and reliably, unlike these from secondary production. 

Their uncompromising quality and high technical level guarantee the safe and financially viable operation of your ZLIN aircraft. A good balance between price and quality of ZLIN parts is ensured.


We offer both ab-initio and advanced flight training, including recurrent and improvement flights. We provide (and love) night flight training and aerobatics.


  • PPL(A)
  • Night flights
  • SEP, SEP Difference
  • Recurrent and improvement flights
  • Aerobatics



The continuous training of aviation personnel is crucial for first-class service. It is a prerequisite and the logical answer to the use of ever-advancing state-of-the-art technologies and the unstoppable development of aviation technology.

We have built a separate training center furnished with all the necessary equipment and training tools. We have a team of experienced instructors and a clear education concept that is developed with respect to various functional and operational services. The result is professional and highly qualified personnel of authorized ZLIN services.



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