Name Date
Price list of avionics testing 11.07.2013
Term of Use 11.07.2013
Privacy Policy 11.07.2013
AMU Viewer Demo Version 11.07.2013
AMU Quick Guide 11.07.2013
AMU more info 11.07.2013
Modification to MoGas 11.07.2013
More information about ZLIN Financial Services 11.07.2013


Name Date
ZLIN Aircraft airplanes 11.07.2013
ZLIN Aircraft factory 11.07.2013
ZLIN Aircraft Z 242 L GURU 11.07.2013


Name Date
Satisfaction survey 11.07.2013
AMU Quick Guide form 11.07.2013
Card of aircraft failure 11.07.2013
Protocol of claims 11.07.2013
Protocol of claims - spare parts 11.07.2013
Users requirement for repair of part after warranty expiration 11.07.2013


Name Date
ISO 9001 08.04.2016

Airport - more info

Name Date
Aerodrome Chart Otrokovice PDF 11.07.2013
Visual Operations Chart Otrokovice PDF 11.07.2013
Aerodrome Basic Information 11.07.2013

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